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How much does SportsAtlas cost?

Our pricing varies depending on your needs and size of your team. Contact us for a free demo to see how SportsAtlas can help your business.

Can I use your insights and charts?

Of course! All we ask is that you cite SportsAtlas as your source.

Can I buy SportsAtlas?

Yes! SportsAtlas is now available for Early Access purchase. We’re still squashing bugs and finalizing features, but we’re offering speciality pricing for a short time. Request a demo to see more.

Is every company, team, and athlete in SportsAtlas?

Based on market research and customer feedback, we’ve compiled thousands of relevant listings in SportsAtlas. Do we have the information you need? Probably, but schedule a demo to see for yourself.

Can you give examples of the data in SportsAtlas?

Each listing type is filled with relevant data like sponsorships, social media, curated news, contacts, and more (and more). We’re adding new data constantly over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Can SportsAtlas be used in the classroom?

SportsAtlas is a fantastic learning tool for colleges and universities. We’re a textbook that never goes out of date! Contact us to learn more about SportsAtlas and SBJ’s College and University Program.

Where does SportsAtlas gather data?

We source our data from industry leading companies and then cross reference the data for improved accuracy. Trust us  it’s good data.

How often do you update the data in SportsAtlas?

All SportsAtlas data is updated regularly. Some of our data points are updated every 5 minutes.

Do you offer discounts to current Sports Business Journal or Sports Business Daily customers?

Yes, we offer special discounts to Sports Business Journal and/or Sports Business Daily subscribers. When you contact us for a free demo, just mention you’re a subscriber. You’ll get a nice discount and we’ll be sure to compliment your great taste in sports journalism.

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